“Continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in the prayers.” (Baptismal Covenant)












100 years difference in age means nothing during a visit with Rachel & Helen! 

Helen loves the children and delights in their visits. 

Yes, we come in all sizes here at Christ Church! 

Here we have the "tall" & the "small" working together in Christ's love!









Everyone enjoys the monthly brunch where the food is great

and the fellowship is wonderful!

Ladies from the altar guild get together to make Palm crosses for Palm Sunday. 



September Brunch!

  A wonderful Sunday Brunch was served after the 10:00am service.  There were even Gluten Free/Dairy Free items on the menu to accommodate some of our members with special diets.  What a wonderful way to gather together to enjoy some of the Lord's blessings!

John and Joan Roberts, two of our founding members, take a moment to

visit with our newest members, Charles Seaman and James Donchey. 



Fellowship is the charism of Christ Church. Charism comes from the Greek meaning favor or gift from God. We hope that from the moment you step inside our doors you feel welcome and that our hospitality continues with our Hospitality Hour after both our 8am and 10am services.



Fr. Justin, Charlotte Murdoch and Sally Bumbaugh visit Helen Turner

to celebrate her 105th birthday!  Happy Birthday, Helen!








Fellowship can be shared in many ways.  Sometimes it is extended to those who can no longer attend services with us.  As we reach out to one another we can see that time makes no difference in God's love for one another.  Here we see 5 year old Rachel spending a little time with Helen Turner.  They are separated in time by 100 years but brought together to share the gift of love with each other.